This is my life based summoner guide made using ASP.net and Bootstrap CSS

Who the hell are you?

Hi, I'm Jaku and I've been playing Path of Exile since its release. The first build I actually started on was a summoner and ever since then I've made two 80+ level summoners on Domination league. I'm not going to say "I created this" or "this was all me" on this build because I would not be able to argue that first of all and second of all originality doesn't pertain to the quality of a build. If I say "I MADE THIS GUYS" it isn't going to make my guide any better.

What makes this guide special then? Why should I go to this guide?

When I was first thinking about creating this guide, I asked myself what would make people want to come to this guide, the guy who created it is a nobody, doesn't stream at all. This is what I came up with:

  • Simple to follow, easy to pick out information
  • I wanted to make a guide that actually was easy to follow and made things understandable. One of the biggest issues I find with summoners and people trying to learn to play them is they are incredibly confusing. Some of the Summoner guides you see on the forums right now are nearly 10 pages of just people asking the same questions about build concepts and I'm hoping to solve that with this guide.

    The other thing I want to do is give the reader a professional looking experience that is nice on the eyes. Not to particularly bash forum posts but it isn't always easy to read guides in the forum format.

  • Give as much freedom in the build as possible
  • Many guides you will notice are quite definative in what you should grab. That you want to imitate exactly what the guide creator uses. I don't always feel that's the right thing to do. I want this guide to edge people in the right direction on how to efficiently be a summoner but not force them down a path that makes them think they have to "buy xyz", "only use xyz" or "only scrubs use xyz". I think one of the biggest things of this game is how unique of a player you can truly be. When I just give you a complete passive tree and my gear sheet I am completely ruining that experience for you to truly be a unique summoner. I want you to experiment with this guide, I want you to find your own build.

  • Be as unbias of paths in the build as possible
  • I found out during the course of making this guide this was unbelievably hard. I will say though you should read my opinions on things but think about it yourself, try them out and see if you like them. Who knows, you might discover something incredibly powerful the community have never realized before. All you have to lose is currency and time, neither of which are dificult to get.

    Ok you hooked me in, but how expensive is this gonna be?

    That is entirely up to you and how you plan to use the build. I will say to do most of the content in the game you don't need expensive uniques like Montregrul's Grasp or Midnight Bargain, but the more you plan to progress end game wise the more the equipment you'll need. For example, you can get away with having a 4 linked chest piece and a +2 minion helmet with a few cheap skill gems(not max level) to farm Merciless Piety. However, if you were about to go do the Jungle Valley boss, Spinner of False Hope, I would really hope you are coming prepared. I would only buy expensive equipment when you know you like playing summoner and want to progress your build more.

    Thanks for reading, enjoy the guide.

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